FarmVille Beat Jade Falls

Test your might to become the Jade Falls Master on this special mission the FarmVille Beat Jade Falls Quests and upon completion of all the tasks a Beat Jade Falls Trophy are on hand as a reward plus a free cross-world shipping license from Jade Falls to Home farm. This will have a series of difficult tasks from Master Lu and Master Motto that includes earning a 3 star mastery on 20 crops. This maybe difficult but the final reward is way more better than the HP Quest 10. Good Luck!

Fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit, Orange, Pear and Apple Gifts

FarmVille Beat Jade Falls Task List:

Quest 1:

Improve Mountain Palace to level 10


2000 zen


Quest 2:

Improve Imperial Shipyard to level 10


3000 zen


Quest 3:

Master Sticky Rice to level 3

Master Azuki to level 3

Master Grouper to level 3

Master Sichuan Pepper to level 3

Master Chinese Daikon to level 3

Master Imperial Tea to level 3

Master Chinese Cotton to level 3

Master Prawns to level 3

Master White Cloud Tea to level 3

Master Rock Cod to level 3

Master Bok Choy to level 3

Master Lowland Ginger to level 3

Master Water Cress to level 3

Master Horseradish to level 3

Master Ramen to level 3

Master Green Onion to level 3

Master Imperial Rice to level 3

Master Sesame to level 3

Master Lemongrass to level 3

Master Brown Rice to level 3


Turbo Charger


Quest 4:

Improve the Tea Garden to level 5


Instant Grow


Special Bonus Prize:

Beat Jade Falls Trophy

Jade Falls Shipping License

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