Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 02/04/2013


This week releases information on FarmVille Limited Edition Items the Ribbons Collection and the Vault. These items will only be for a period of time at the Market so get while it still available. Included also on this post the prizes for the Mystery Game and the Raffle Booth draw. The Ribbon Limited Edition Items will only available until Feb 20 while the prizes for Mystery Game will only run until Feb 11.


Ribbons Limited Edition Items for this week 02/04/2013:


Curled Ribbon Tree – 6 FV cash

Kite Ribbon Tree – 12 FV cash

Pinwheel Bow Tree – 14 FV cash

Rosette Bow Tree – 8 FV cash

Round Ribbon Tree – 6 FV cash



Bow Poodle – 14 FV cash

Ribbon Mained Lion – 20 FV cash

Ribbon Mane Pegasus – 30 FV cash

Ribbon Tail Peacock – 12 FV cash

Tangled Ribbon Kitten – 12 FV cash


Buildings and Decorations:

Ribbon Arch – 5 FV cash

Ribbon Bike – 12 FV cash

Ribbon Gazebo – 15 FV cash

Ribbon Pond – 10000 coins

Ribbon Roses – 12 FV cash


The Vault Limited Edition Items

  • Items from the past and made it available for a period of time


Eastern Redbud Tree – 8 FV cash

Navel Orange Tree – 6 FV cash



Black Cupid Cat

Black Cherry Dragon – 20 FV cash

Black Cherry Pegacorn – 30 FV cash

Love Bug Dog – 12 FV cash

Pink Pegacorn – 30 FV cash

Rose Pony – 24 FV cash

Valentine Giraffe – 12 FV cash


Buildings and Decorations:

Flamingo Heart – 12 FV cash

Flamingo Pond – 10 FV cash

Heart Ring – 6 FV cash

Love Bug Gnome – 10 FV cash

Love Waterfall – 10 FV cash

Romantic Lake – 10 FV cash

Mystery Game Prizes –>

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