Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 03/25/2013

Farmville limited edition items for this week! This week theme is Modern Art and there will be item release that have a somewhat connection to artist. These items are available only for a limited time. We also listed the possible prizes in the FarmVille Mystery game. For this week prizes will be Prehistoric Animals.

Mystery Game Prizes


Fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit, Orange, Pear and Apple Gifts


Escher Stair Tree, 6

Mobile Tree, 12

Pop Art Tree, 12

Can of Soup Tree, 6

Paint Brushes Tree, 8



Picasso Cow, 20

Escher Pattern Horse, 26

Balloon Dog, 12

Andy Warthog, 12

Picasso Blue Unicorn, 30


Building and Decorations:

Late Night Diner, 7

Sculpture Fountain, 10

Wrapped Barn, 15


Mystery Game Prizes –>

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