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FarmVille Quests: Throw a Garden Party with Sharonda

The Spring Girl is having a party in FarmVille throw a garden party with Sharonda, a FarmVille Garden Party Quests. Yes that is Sharonda the Spring Girl from the previous missions. You can also see her previous quests in the Quest Manager. She is planning to have a Garden Party and we will be helping her.

There will be four crafting tasks on this quest. Two of them will be crafted in the Craftshop, one in the Dairy and one in the Hanging Garden Craftshop. You may want also to prepare some Milk and Butter before the release of this quest. 10 for each will be needed to craft the 10 Creamer or Cream. There’s also two animal mastery and two 2 day crops. Note: The quest information and numbers may still change prior or while the quest is ongoing. Release date will be on Thursday, May 16.




Garden Party Quest 1: FarmVille Party Time!


Ask friends for 7 Party Balloons (request for )

Harvest 60 Sunflowers (skip 10)
Info: 1 day to grow and harvest.

Craft 10 Creamers at the Dairy Station (skip 15)
Info: Creamers can be crafted in the Dairy and it will need Butter and Milk (5 mins)

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FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Quests: Time To Get Cooking

A new challenge awaits in Lighthouse Cove farm in FarmVille time to get cooking! It’s a new Lighthouse Cove quest in 2013 as players will be visiting one of the first farm extension again to take a Cookoff Challenge. The challenge will be from Rollie, one of the resident NPC of Lighthouse Cove.

The FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Cookoff will be a 12 stage quests and will run for 30 days. There is no asking for friends for help or items tasks. it will all be harvesting and crafting. So prepare your Restaurant and expand your LC farm as this will require a medium to large size farm because of the number of crops that will be harvested. Some new players may not have the Lighthouse Cove farm and in case you don’t have it you can always request to open it for you by filing a support ticket to Zynga. Note: The quest requirements and numbers may still change prior or while it is ongoing. Expected release date will be this Thursday, April 25.


Lighthouse Cove Cookoff Quests 1: FarmVille Let’s get the appetizers ready!


Harvest 325 Cove Cranberry (skip 10)

Harvest 325 Cape Peppercorn (skip 10)

Make 1 Cove Fries Recipe (skip 15)


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FarmVille Quest: Catch Ghosts with Gino

Let’s haunt ghost and master the crop Licorice in FarmVille catch ghosts with Gino of the FarmVille’s Ghost Cather Quest. We will meet Gino who happens to be the best ghost hunter in FarmVille as he claims and he has gadget that he believes can capture ghost but it will need Licorice lot’s of Licorice to power it. So through out this quest we will need to plant a lot of licorice. We will also do some crafting in the Bakery for the Strawberry / Black Licorice and in the Winery for the Root Beer. These recipe’s are level 2 or below so more or likely this are already available in your Bakery and Winery. Licorice is currently unreleased crop and maybe released together with the quest. It can be harvested in one day and can be mastered by harvesting 800 units. Note: This FarmVille Gino’s quests guide may still change as this is currently unreleased. Expected release date will be this Thursday (9/27).

Ghost Catcher Quest 1: FarmVille Catching Ghosts


Ask friends for 6 Ghost Nets (request for )

Harvest 50 Licorice (skip 10)
Info: 1 day to grow and harvest.

Harvest Unicorn Island 2 Times (skip 20)


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FarmVille Quest: Help Abby in her Training

Dragon’s will arrived in our farm on this week FarmVille help Abby in her training on FarmVille’s Riding into the Sky Quest. We will meet and help Abby ride into the sky and develop her lance ability. The plot of this 9 part quest is about dragons and so the new animal breeding building which was released last week the Dragon Lair will be used on this mission. There will be 2 crafting task in the Craftshop and 2 Animal Mastery requirement. There are also three 2 days crops in here the cabbage, broccoli and pineapple (Hilo Pineapple might count based on the previous quest).  Note: This FarmVille Abby’s Training Quests guide may still change prior to release. Expected roll out will be on Thursday (09/20).

Riding into the Sky Quest 1: FarmVille In Search of Knowledge


Ask friends for 6 Training Manuals (request for )

Harvest 50 Dandelions (skip 10)
Info: 8 hours to grow and harvest.

Complete the Dragon Lair (skip 20)


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