Farmville Expansion Farm Quest Archive

17 Jun 2017

FarmVille Kids Day Out (Isle of Dreams CH 4)

There’s a kid who gets Ubel’s bracelet in FarmVille Kids Day Out, an Isle of Dreams Chapter 4 Quests. We are going to investigate where did this kid comes  from. we also need to tell Lily about
10 Jun 2017

FarmVille Stranger’s Arrival (Isle of Dreams CH 3)

It looks like our ritual is finally working in FarmVille Stranger’s Arrival, an Isle of Dreams Chapter 3 Quests. Our friend notice that there is something strange in the air tonight. She wonders if this tirual  is

4 Jun 2017

FarmVille Redundant Rituals (Isle of Dreams CH 2)

We are going to help perform a new ritual in FarmVille Redundant Rituals, an Isle of Dreams Chapter 2 Quests. Our friend is already showing sign of giving up but her mother insists that she need to
1 Jun 2017

FarmVille Secret Scroll Of Happiness (Legend of Tengguan CH 8)

Prepare and get ready to help our friend for a special mission in FarmVille Secret Scroll Of Happiness, a Legend of Tengguan Chapter 8 Quests. We will embark on a new 30 day journey as we will

30 May 2017

FarmVille Peace and Prosperity (Legend of Tengguan CH 7)

A penalty awaits Rutana because of the mischief that she has done in FarmVille Peace and Prosperity, a Legend of Tengguan Chapter 7 Quests. We are going to continue and complete the ritual in order to calm
29 May 2017

FarmVille Adventure Time (Isle of Dreams CH 1)

Explore a new farm expansion in FarmVille Adventure Time, an Isle of Dreams Chapter 1 Quests. Join our new friend Ubel as we explore a new farm and venture to a new adventure. This will be an
20 May 2017

FarmVille Finding Cure (Legend of Tengguan CH 6)

We still needs to find the cure for Master Taeng’s madness in FarmVille Finding Cure, a Legend of Tengguan Chapter 6 Quests. Phayo and Rutana has just made a very good ritual but still it is not