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FarmVille Quest: Let’s watch the meteor shower with Timmy


Starry starry night! Yuuup, it sure is in FarmVille let’s watch the meteor shower with Timmy in the FarmVille’s Meteor Shower Quests coming this Thursday. It’s a brand new mission with a new npc named Timmy who will inform us about the meteor shower tonight and he happens to know a really great spot where we can see the whole shower happening in our FarmVille farm. So let’s start by preparing our pens for this quests. The livestock pen and the pet run will be the most used as this will have two animal mastery requiring this pens (or fastest harvest if placed in it). It will be great if you have 2 more Pet Run (cool if you have at LC and Home Farm and have a shipping license) for this because on the first 2 stage we’ll gonna harvest it twice for both stages. There will also be 3 two day crop (better if this planted ahead). Note: This FarmVille Meteor Shower quests guide may change as this is currently unreleased. Expected roll out will be on Thursday (August 9).

Meteor Shower with Timmy Quest 1: FarmVille It might get chilly


Ask friends for 6 Blankets (request for )

Harvest 50 Wheat (skip 10)
Info: 12 hours to grow and harvest.

Harvest Pet Run 2 Times (skip 20)


FarmVille It might get chilly Quest Reward1 Star Cat, 125 xp, 2500 coins

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