Farmville Thursday Quests Archive

20 Jun 2017

FarmVille International Yoga Day Quests

Our friend Hallie is inviting us to come  along with her in FarmVille International Yoga Day Quests. We are going to do some yoga with Hallie. We are going to need a set of yoga pants as
15 Jun 2017

FarmVille Picnic Time Quests

Let’s spend a wonderful day outdoors with our friend Kimberly in FarmVille Picnic Time Quests. We are going outside and explore a place where it’s nice to have a picinic with our friends and families. Kimberly asked

7 Jun 2017

FarmVille Pamplona Quests

Johnny Hoedown is about to visit our farm in FarmVille Pamplona Quests. He is inviting us to tag along with him to celebrate a cultural celebrations. We are going to visit Pamplona and tour the city to
1 Jun 2017

FarmVille World Environment Day Quests

Come and celebrate and help for a cause in FarmVille World Environment Day Quests. We are going to help spread the awareness about reduce, reuse and recycle. We are going to show the way on how this

22 May 2017

FarmVille Spanish Horse Fair Quests

We are going to celebrate the Feria del Caballo in FarmVille Spanish Horse Fair Quests. We will help our friend Elizabeth to prepare for the event. She has just planned several activities that she believes our neighbors
17 May 2017

FarmVille Family Day Quests

Help our friend Sasha throw down a party in FarmVille Family Day Quests. She’s been planning for this event for quite sometime now and this week the party will finally happen. There are some things we need
7 May 2017

FarmVille Who Stole the Cookie Quests

We are going to investigate with our friend Barbra in FarmVille Who Stole the Cookie Quests. We will need to investigate in order to find out who is the culprit for the missing cookie. Let’s find out