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Welcome to Hawaii Quest Chapter 2


Welcome to Hawaii as FarmVille farmers will now travel to the new farm extension Hawaii Paradise as it officially opens to the public. FarmVille Welcome to Hawaii Quest 2 will be the initial quest and it will have a 12 part quests. Farmers will be busy as they race to prepare those new animal storage buildings especially the new Ocean Animal Pen (Aquarium) which will hold the new group of aquatic animals. So start collecting those materials early so you can easily finish building it. It will help you greatly in the quest. So, lets start preparing for this tasks.



Welcome to Hawaii Chapter 2 Quest Prologue: Aloha!


Plow 5 Plots of Water (skip 5)

Plant 10 Kelps on Plots of Water (skip 10)

Harvest Volcano Reef (skip 20)



Welcome to Hawaii Chapter 2 Quest 1: Welcome to Hawaii


Ask friends for 6 Tourist Maps (request for )

Harvest 10 Kelp (skip 10)

Improve Volcano Reef to Level 2


Welcome to Hawaii 2 Quest reward 1Eagle Ray, 125 xp, 1000 coconuts

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