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FarmVille Jade Falls 16: Join the Moon Festival with May


The last chapter of Jade Falls in FarmVille Join the Moon Festival with May. The FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 16 will be or maybe the last quest for now as we move on to the new farm extension at the same time when this quest will be released. The FarmVille Moon Festival will have 6 missions and we’ll be learning about how this festival started and how it is being celebrated. The good thing about this quest is if you are a collector of items with relation or connections to the constellations or stars, most of the rewards are with the Moon theme. So this set of rewards will be a good addition to your collections. There will be 3 crafting task in the Tea Garden and 1 Animal Mastery. There is also one task where you have to harvest 8 Jade Pens. Note: This FarmVille guide for Jade Falls chapter 16 may still change prior to release. Expected release date will be on Monday (09/17). Update: FarmVille/Zynga made an official announcement that the final chapter of Jade Falls will arrive on Monday, September 24th. Move again to September 26 (Wednesday).

Jade Falls Chapter 16 Quest 1: FarmVille Over the Moon


Ask friends for 6 Legends (request for)

Harvest 12 Unagi (skip 10)
Info: 4 hours to grow and harvest (Water/unlock level 14).

Make 3 Milk Tea (skip 15)
Info: Crafted in a Tea Garden and needs the following bushels White Cloud Tea x3, Azuki x3 and Green Tea x3


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