Monday Quests Archive

14 Oct 2017

FarmVille The Curse of Lombardo (Shadow Creek CH 1)

We have just met a strange creature who needs our help in FarmVille The Curse of Lombardo, a Shadow Creek Chapter 1 Quests. This quest will be the very first mission that Shadow Creek Early Access goers
8 Oct 2017

FarmVille Carnival Delight (Samba in Rio CH 7)

We are going to help our friend to prepare for her dance presentation in FarmVille Carnival Delight, a Samba in Rio Chapter 7 Quests. We will also help in decorating the streets so it will be pleasing

29 Sep 2017

FarmVille Harvest Time (Samba in Rio CH 6)

Our plan and  ideas just worked well in FarmVille Harvest Time, a Samba in Rio Chapter 6 Quests. It looks like our new farming system works. Now the crops are more luscious and ready to be harvested.
23 Sep 2017

FarmVille Resistance and Acceptance (Samba in Rio CH 5)

There’s an advance technique on how to farm in FarmVille Resistance and Acceptance, a Samba in Rio Chapter 5 Quests. There’s a new seed, new way to irrigate and more but the Mayor has just instructed us

10 Sep 2017

FarmVille Homecoming (Samba in Rio CH 3)

We are going to have fun with our friend as we are are going to Carnival in FarmVille Homecoming, a Samba in Rio Chapter 3 Quests. Our friends brother Santiago is scheduled to perform on this year’s
26 Aug 2017

FarmVille Gloomy San Pairo (Samba in Rio CH 1)

Let us help our new friend Catalina in FarmVille Gloomy San Pairo, a Samba in Rio Chapter 1 Quests. She want’s to cheer up the town folks. This will be the very first mission for the new
24 Aug 2017

FarmVille Trouble and Truce Quests (Straits of Ardour CH 7)

Scarlet Benitoite is gone missing in FarmVille Trouble and Truce Quests, a Straits of Ardour Chapter 7 Quests. We are going to help search for her. The palace gate was ordered to be closed as they want