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FarmVille Haunted Hollow 3: Brew Up Potions with Belinda


FarmVille Haunted Hollow Chapter 3 is up this Monday on FarmVille brew up potions with Belinda. We will work with Belinda on this chapter of Haunted Hollow as she is planning to build a Potion Shop to help run the town and grow with their magical trickery. There will be three crafting tasks on this chapter including crafting a Witch Brew. Be alert on this one as one of the bushels needed for this recipe is the Ghoul Garlic Bushel. The Ghoul Garlic is a three day crop and since we are just starting the Haunted Hollow the availability of this bushel are scarce so if you see this bushel from your neighbors get one and save it for this quest. Note: This FarmVille Haunted Hollow guide may still change as this is currently unreleased and changes may still be made. Expected release date will be this Monday (October 1, 2012).

Haunted Hollow Chapter 3 Quest 1: FarmVille Summoning Servants


Ask friends for 8 Graveyard Wind Chimes (request for )

Harvest 35 Tombstones (skip 10)
Info: 8 hours to grow and harvest.

Make Witch’s Brew 2 Times (skip 15)
Info: Crafted in the Potion Shop and needs the following bushels Ghoul Garlic x1, Sage Bushel x1 and Red Tulip x2.


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FarmVille Potion Shop Guide


FarmVille Haunted Hollow will have the new crafting building called the FarmVille Potion Shop where we will be crafting and mastering new recipe’s. The same with the other crafting building from our other farm location it will 5 level of recipe and each level will have three recipe. We will start from level 1 and then gain experience as we craft more recipe from this building. Here are the FarmVille Potion Shop Recipe list:

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