Regular Quests Archive

17 Dec 2017

FarmVille That’s a Wrap Quests

We are visiting a gift factory in this weeks FarmVille That’s a Wrap Quests. we are going to take this rare opportunity to visit a toy gift factory and see first hand the process on how these
14 Dec 2017

FarmVille Whirling Dervishes Festival Quests

We need to book our plane ticket early as we are going to FarmVille Whirling Dervishes Festival with our friend to celebrate the Whirling Dervishes Festival. He’s  planning this trip for quite sometime now. He already prepared

29 Nov 2017

FarmVille Dusseldorf Karnevalt Quests

Our friend Paul and Linda is inviting us to come along in FarmVille Dusseldorf Karnevalt Quests. They will be traveling to explore the Dusseldorf Karnevalt festivities. They want us to go with them to discover the fun
21 Nov 2017

FarmVille Ice Skating Contest Quests

Prepare to enjoy an icy adventure in FarmVille Ice Skating Contest Quests with our dear friends. He is inviting us to go with him to the icy alps and participate in an exciting fun filled Ice Skating

17 Nov 2017

FarmVille World Music Festival Quests

It’s our friend Rispoli visiting us in FarmVille World Music Festival Quests. He is inviting us to come along with him and attend the World Music Festival. He promises that this year’s edition will be more fun
9 Nov 2017

FarmVille Thanksgiving Dinner Quests

Sasha needs help in preparing a dinner for her family in FarmVille Thanksgiving Dinner Quests. Her family is visiting this holiday and she has just planned a grand dinner for them. But she will need help in
2 Nov 2017

FarmVille Loi Krathong Quests

We will help our friend in preparing for the FarmVille Loi Krathong Festival. She is inviting us to come along with her in celebrating the festival of lanterns. We are going to help her prepare the program