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FarmVille Quest: Help Truffles Regain Her Fame


Let’s welcome the new star in FarmVille help Truffles regain her fame quest. Yes the Diva is back! nope it’s not Lady Gaga but Truffles is back in her new quest and this time player will help her to get back into stardom by doing the 9 FarmVille missions. And by the end of this with all the glitz and glamour we will see her signing away and retain her full star status. There is one crafting requirement for this quest and players might be wondering where i should craft the Arborist? you can visit our Craft Shop guide to get more info. This new Truffles quest has a couple of 2 day crop so player might plan ahead with this one. And also prepare your Pens better if you have 2 of each for this has a twice to harvest Pen task. Note: This is currently unreleased and numbers may change upon release but we will keep updating this guide.

The New Truffles Quest 1: FarmVille Sign Away!


Ask friends for 4 Truffles Autographs (request for )

Harvest 50 Tomato (skip 10)
Info: 8 hours to grow and harvest.

Harvest the Horse Paddock Twice (skip 20)


FarmVille Sign Away Quest Reward1 Swooning Pig, 125 xp, 2500 coins

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