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FarmVille Besties with Bunnies Quests


Join the race for who will spot first theĀ elusive Spring Bunny in FarmVille Besties with Bunnies Quests. A new spring mission where we will be invited by Elizabeth to join an almost competition among farmers to who will spot first the elusive bunny.

on this FarmVille quest, we will start off by planting Pink Easter Lily which has a 1 day growing time and crafting Black Licorice. It will be one of the five recipes that we will be crafting at the Bakery. We will also craft 2 recipes at the Spa and more 2 recipes at the Sweet Shop (Sweet Acres). Note: Expected to be release on Thursday, April 17.

FarmVille Besties with Bunnies Quests

Besties with Bunnies Quests 1: FarmVille Besties with Bunnies: Part 1


Ask friends forĀ 7 Paintbrush (request for Paintbrush)

Harvest 60 Pink Easter Lily (skip 10)
Info: 1 day to grow and harvest.

Make 3 Black Licorice (skip 15)
Info: Crafted at the Bakery and it will need Licorice Plant Bushel x3, Rye Bushel x3 and Sugar Cane Bushel x3.

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Mystery of Scared Rabbit Quest


FarmVille is set to released the Mystery of Scared Rabbit Quest (a.k.a Enchanted Thaw Quest). This time we will meet Gilda and we will help discover what scared the rabbit and uncover the mystery surrounding a farm guest. End of Winter season is coming you have to keep your animals warm. And also we have to prepare the flower beds, the trees and the sheep to get ready for Spring season. You’ll also set up the farm to welcome the birds home, feed and tend to your farm birds. Arrange and re touch up the thawing farm ponds. So let’s prepare for Spring season and start the FarmVille quests!

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