23 Apr 2018

FarmVille The Dragon of Emberhill (Emberhill Adventure CH 8)

It looks like we will be encountering a dragon in FarmVille The Dragon of Emberhill, an Emberhill Adventure Chapter 8 Quests. This maybe the best adventure yet to come in our way as we face a dragon.
19 Apr 2018

FarmVille It’s Earth Day Quests

Our friend is asking us for our help in FarmVille It’s Earth Day Quests. He needs some extra hand in celebrating the yearly event observing how important is to maintain the Earth clean. We will help him

11 Apr 2018

FarmVille Leaderboards April 18 to 25, 2018

Here are the details for the next #FarmVille Leaderboards Challenge that will run from April 18 to April 25, 2018. To participate, simply do the following tasks. There are 3 tasks that you can choose from or
11 Apr 2018

FarmVille The Vile Beast (Emberhill Adventure CH 7)

Get ready and prepare for a challenge in FarmVille The Vile Beast, an Emberhill Adventure Chapter 7 Quests. We are heading to Tror’s Peak to¬† explore more of the challenging peak. This will test our skill according
11 Apr 2018

FarmVille Patriots Day Quests

Our friend in organizing a celebration to commemorate the FarmVille Patriots Day and he needs our help to prepare for it. She’s been planning this event for quite sometime now. She has some plenty of idea on
31 Mar 2018

FarmVille Journey Through the Wetlands (Emberhill Adventure CH 6)

Get ready and prepare for new challenge as we transverse a new route in FarmVille Journey Through the Wetlands, an Emberhill Adventure Chapter 6 Quests. Our friend has just warned us about the tough route that we
31 Mar 2018

FarmVille Feria de Sevilla Quests

We are going to help our friend set up a caseta in FarmVille Feria de Sevilla Quests. It’s one of the most visited fair in the world and we are traveling with our friend to experience it