Arbor Day 2013 in FarmVille Feature


FarmVille Arbor Day 2013 is a new personality test feature for the month of April. And for this version we will be asking our friends about what they think fits our personality most. The subject of the question will mostly lean about the Earth day. Now every question will have two possible rewards to get. You will get the prize or rewards that has the most vote. There are a total of 12 question for 12 days and if you completed this feature early you may have a chance to repeat it again.




Prizes and questions to be asked:

Question 1:

Do I prefer flowery trees or all green trees?

Spring Blossoms Tree or Summer Greens Tree


Question 2:

Do I prefer planting trees or watering trees?

Fir Bonsai or Barberry Bonsai Tree


Question 3:

Do I prefer sitting on a tree trunk or in tree tops?

Tree Trunk Fountain or Tree Top Fountain


Question 4:

Do I prefer to cuddle with pandas or climb with leopards?

Red Panda Tree or Leopard Tree


Question 5:

Do I prefer dinner by a tree or a picnic under a tree?

Summer Night Setting or Spring Brunch Picnic


Question 6:

Do I prefer tree shaped hedges or hedge shaped trees?

Hedge Tree or Squat Tree Hedge


Question 7:

Do I prefer awakening trees or hibernating trees?

Warm Seasons Tree or Chilly Seasons Tree


Question 8:

Do I prefer twisted branches or zigzag branches?

Twisted Tree or Zigzag Tree


Question 9:

Do I prefer basking in the sun or the cover of the shade?

Bare Branch Arbor or Full Foliage Arbor


Question 10:

Do I prefer decorating with flowers or foliage?

Flower Dryad Horse or Green Dryad Horse


Question 11:

Do I prefer hardy trees or exotic trees?

Dwarf Blue Spruce or Licuala Palm


Question 12:

Do I prefer forest hikes or beach walks?

Lean To or Sand Castle Fort


Bonus Prize:

XP Book

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