FarmVille Early Seasons Spring Personality 2013


It’s time once again to ask your friends for their opinion and vote on what they think fits your personality in a new FarmVille Early Seasons. Each question will have two possible answer for your friends to choose. Now all friends have to do is vote for the answer they think fits your personality. Which ever answer receives the most number of votes, the player will received the prize that correspond to that answer. Each answer has their own designated prize. There are 12 questions for twelve days to be asked and there’s also a bonus prize of an XP Book once it completed. This FarmVille feature can also be repeated if completed early.



Here are the questions and the rewards:

1. Do I prefer petals or snowflakes in the wind?

Petal Sheep  or  Snowflake Sheep


2. Do I prefer baby animals or cuddly hibernators?

Baby Porcupine  or  Snuggly Porcupine


3. Do I like to go fishing or sledding?

Fisherman Gnomette or Sledding Gnome


4. Would I rather hit the beach or hit the slopes?

Tanning Duck or Speed Skiing Duck


5. Do I prefer hot or cold drinks?

Mulled Wine Tree or Sangria Tree


6. Would I rather go walking or have a snowball fight?

Arching Trees or Snowball Fort


7. Do I prefer rainy days or snowy days?

Rainy Lion Cub or Snowy Lion Cub


8. Do I prefer having a fire or barbecuing food?

Fireroasting Pig or BBQ Pig


9. Do I prefer green pastures or snow covered pastures?

Spring Gnome House or Winter Spring Gnome House


10. Do I prefer spring cleaning or winter storage?

Cleaning Cow or Storage Cow


11. Do I prefer spring scents or winter wonders?

Common Laburnum or Ice Laburnum


12. Would I rather throw a baseball or a football game party?

Batter Horse or Football Horse


Bonus Reward:

XP Book


Early Season Personality Test Stages

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