Holiday Party Style Feature 2012


Another round with new prizes and theme will coming soon in FarmVille ask your friends opinion on what they think about your Holiday Party Style. There will be twelve question to ask your friends and each friends will have to choose which on the two given answer they think will fit your style. Depending on the majority of votes you get will depend the prizes you will get.

How the Holiday Party Style Festure work:

  • What’s Your Holiday Party Style? Find out what your friends really think while building your party!
  • Ask your friends to vote on a question about yourself.
  • Collect enough votes to unlock one of two prizes.
  • After collecting enough votes to unlock a prize, a redeem button will appear.
  • Click on the redeem button to collect your prize.
  • After redeeming, your prizes will appear in your gift box.
  • Ask your friends to vote on a new question after completing the previous question.
  • Finish all 12 questions to win prizes and get a Holiday Party Style profile.
  • Replay through all 12 questions up to 3 times per day.
  • Each question will get you closer to your holiday party style.
  • Find out which style you’ll get!


FarmVille Holiday Party Style Building Stages:


Here are FarmVille Holiday Party Style Prizes:

Question 1: Would I prefer to go caroling or have a snowball fight?


Caroler Cow                                 Jack Frost Cow


Question 2: Would I prefer to bake cookies or be mischevious?


Holiday Baker Gnome            Whoopie Cushion Gnome


Question 3: Would I prefer laughing with people or making people laugh?


Jolly Snowman                        Laughing Snowman


Question 4: Would I rather give a gift or get a gift?


Giving Horse                           Wrapped Horse


Question 5: Would you rather stay warm at home or go out and party?


Ugly Sweater Bear               Party Bear


Question 6: As a kid I prefered toys or games?


Christmas Toy Shop               Trickster Toy Shop


Question 7: Would Santa give you a gift or coal?


Tinsel Maple Tree                    Coal Tree


Question 8: Am I more like sugar or spice?


Sugar Tree                                    Spice Tree


Question 9: Do I prefer a quiet toast or a countdown crowd?


Quiet Toast                               Countdown Crowd


Question 10: Is my ideal party intimate or boisterous?


Candle Light Tree                   Loud Noisemaker Tree


Question 11: Am I more shy or sly?


Bashful Bunny                          Sly Rabbit


Question 12: Would I host a party or be the life of the party?


Host Pegacorn                             Life Of The Party Pegacorn

Bonus Prize:

XP Book

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