Prom Fashion 2013 in FarmVille Feature


FarmVille Prom Fashion 2013 Personality test is coming our way and we have now gathered the information on the set of questions to be asked and prizes to be given away. The Prom Fashion 2013 will work the same way as the previous personality test feature in FarmVille. Players will be asking their friends to vote on an answer which they believe fits or best describe their character. There are a total of 12 questions that will be asked and there will be a bonus prize of an XP Book once a player completed this feature.




Questions and Prizes:

1. Do I prefer Edgey or Classic?


High Fashion Chicken or Suitor Duck


2. Do I prefer a Poofy Skirt or an Evening Dress?


Poofy Skirt Cow or Evening Cow


3. Do I like Fifties or Mod style?


Sock Hop Poodle or Mod Doberman


4. Would I prefer a Tuxedo or a Tuxedo T-Shirt?


Tuxedo Giraffe or Semi-Formal Giraffe


5. Do I like dresses with a Big Bow or No Bow?


Big Bow Bear or Prom Bear


6. Do I prefer Punk or Disco fashion?


Punk Prom Gnome or Disco Prom Gnome


7. Do I like Victorian or Goth style?


Victorian Horse or Goth Horse


8. Would I like to dress Country or City for the prom?


Country Prom Table or City Prom Table


9. Would I wear Pumps or Flats to the prom?


Pumps Tree or Flats Tree


10. Would I wear my hair Up or Down for the prom?


Hair Up Tree or Hair Down Tree


11. Would I rather be Enchanting or Mysterious?


Enchanting Pegasus or Mysterious Pegasus


12. Would I rather be Elegant or Glamorous?


Elegant Pegacorn or Glamorous Pegacorn


Bonus Prize:

XP Book

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