Sense of Humor Personality in FarmVille Feature


FarmVille will be releasing the next round of personality test with FarmVille Sense of Humor. You will ask your friends for vote on what they think about your personality. The theme for this release will be about Sense of Humor so expect some comedy related limited edition items. There are 12 questions to ask and depending which the voting went is the prize that player will receive.


Questions and Rewards:

1. Do I like to joke around with strangers or only friends?

Greeting Gnome                             Friendly Gnome


2. Do I prefer absurd or deadpan humor?

Marshmallow Elephant               Dead Pan Elephant


3. Do I prefer caricatures or satire?

Caricature Tree                                     Disguise Kit Tree


4. Do I prefer jokes or pranks?

Joker Bear                                        Prankster Bear


5. Do I prefer parodies or mimes?

Goat Quixote                                   Goat Mime


6. Do I prefer puns or mocking something?

Bed Of Flowers                                Mock-ing Bird


7. Do I prefer to laugh or make others laugh?

Rolling Hyena                                 Tickling Hyena


8. Do I like to tell non sequiturs or funny stories?

Non Sequitur Tree                        Banana Peel Tree


9. Do I like to tell long-winded or straight to the point jokes?

Extra Long Giraffe                         Short Neck Giraffe


10. Do I prefer comedy with props or slapstick?

Marionette Chicken                      Stooge Chicken


11. Do I prefer sitcoms or stand up?

TV Camera Tree                             Standup Stage Tree

12. Would I rather watch a clown or a jester?

Clown Unicorn                               Jester Unicorn


Bonus Prize:

XP Book

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