Summer Fun Personality 2013 in FarmVille


It’s time once again for a brand new FarmVille personality test featuring Summer Fun Personality 2013. This works like the previous ones but it will have new prizes. This version will be about Summer Fun and we will ask our Farmville friends on what their thought on what best describe us or which answer best fits our personality. There are 12 questions to be asked and 24 possible prizes to get plus a bonus prize of Book of XP.


Questions and Prizes:

1. Would I prefer to bask in the sun or relax in the shade?

Sun Hog                                             Shade Hog


2. Do I wear sunscreen or tanning oil?

White Hippos                                   Black Hippo


3. Do I prefer pools or hot tubs?

Everyone in the Pool                     Hot Tub Buddies


4. Would I rather watch the game or work in the garden?


Game Day Tree                                Garden Tree


5. Would I prefer to picnic during the day or night?

Day Picnic                                         Night Picnic


6. Would I rather BBQ or snack on raw veggies?

Veggie Kabob Tree                         Mixed Veggies Tree


7. Would I rather be active or lay out in the sun?

Sporty Girl Unicorn                      Leisure Girl Unicorn


8. Would I prefer to slide or ride?

Slide Tree                                          Ride Tree


9. Do I like water parks or amusement parks?

Water Park Dragon                       Amusement Park Dragon


10. Do I have my feet on the ground or my head in the clouds?

Thinker Pegasus                             Dreamer Pegasus


11. Is making me dizzy easy or difficult?

Top Tree                                            Easy Chair Tree


12. Do I prefer sandals or shoes?

Hiking Dragicorn                           Sandals Dragicorn


Bonus Prize:

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