Traveling Personality Feature in FarmVille


Find out what kind of traveler are you in FarmVille Traveling Personality Feature. Ask your friends to vote on a questions about what they think you’re traveling personality is and win prizes. Do they think that you like to travel by air or by sea? do you like high places or cold places. There are 12 questions to ask and 24 different type of prizes that can be be won. And if you finished all 12 you’ll receive a bonus prizes!




Questions and Prizes:

1. Would I rather travel somewhere up or down from the equator?

Beach Bike Goat                               Dutch Goat Bike


2. Would I rather travel alone or with a friend?

Chicken with Giant Backpack     Touristy Chicken Group


3. Would I rather travel internationally or domestic?

International Horse                       Wild West Horse


4. Would I prefer to travel in style or on a budget?

Jetset Tree                                          Travel Tree


5. Would I prefer traveling to a big city or a small village?

Big City Duck                                    Small Village Duck


6. Would I like traveling to a tropical or a mountainous place?

Tropical Cat                                      Mountain Climber Cat


7. Would I travel to an ancient place or a modern place?

Mayan Stone                                     Modern Sculpture


8. Would I like traveling on a cruise or on a plane? 

Stationary Surf Dog                       Pilot Dog


9. Would I like staying at a cabin or a penthouse?

Snowshoeing Sheep                       Penthouse Sheep


10. Would I like hiking or sitting on the beach?

Hiking Moose                                   Lifeguard Moose


11. Would I like doing adventurous things or touristy things?

Bungee Jumping Seagull              Seagull with Camera


12. Would I like going shopping or sitting by the pool?

Shopping Unicorn                          Flowery Unicorn


Bonus Prize:

XP Book

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