Valentine’s Day Personality 2013


A new personality feature is about to be release leading to Valentines Day in FarmVille Valentine’s Day Personality feature. Players will received a daily question to ask their friends with about on what they think the best word or phrase to describe them. Players will answer by choosing from two phrases or words and to win the corresponding prizes it mus have enough votes to claim it. There will be a total of 12 different questions to ask and 24 different items that can be won. Plus once completed, there will be a bonus prize of XP Book!



Here are the set of questions and prizes for the FarmVille Valentine’s Day Personality 2013:

1. Would I rather have a picnic or a brunch at a nice restaurant?


2. Would I rather watch a sunset or go to a fancy dinner party?


3. Would I like to walk along the beach or walk along the the city’s shopping strip?


4. Would I prefer to cuddle at home or have a night out dancing?


5. Would I prefer riding a bike along the country fields or being in a horse carriage in Central Park?


6. Would I prefer staying at home and watching a movie or going out and getting drinks?


7. Would I prefer a home cooked dinner with candles or having a fancy night out with appetizers?


8. Would I prefer a handmade card or a big box of chocolates and roses?


9. Would I prefer a day at my favorite local places or a romantic getaway?


10. Would I prefer breakfast in bed or breakfast at a nice hotel?


11. Would I prefer white roses or red roses?


12. Would I prefer picking flowers in a field or walking around a dim lit art gallery?

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