FarmVille Atlantis 3: Help the Duke Discover the Wonders


The Duke is out for a new adventure in FarmVille help the Duke discover the wonders of Atlantis, a FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 3 Quests. The Duke is tired of exploring the English Countryside so he’s taking a new route to search for a new adventure under the sea. He is happy to see you in Atlantis and he will ask you if you care to join him for this adventure.

This is only the 3rd quest in FarmVille Atlantis and it seems they stepping it out a notch by increasing the required number of harvesting requirements. It jumped to “harvest 100 plots” as we can see from quest 1. If we gonna compare it from Chapter 2, at quest 1 we only require to “harvest 40 plots”. And for the last stage we will be harvesting “275 plots”. Also try to hold the harvest of Atlantis Palace because we will harvest it twice in quest 1. There will also be 3 crafting tasks at the Coral Cafe. Reminder: the quest is currently unreleased and may still change. Expected release date is on Monday, March 18.

Atlantis Chapter 3 Quest 1: FarmVille Hello to Habitats


Ask friends for 7 Creature Finders (request for )

Harvest 100 Seawatermelon (skip 10)
Info: 12 hours to grow and harvest.

Harvest Atlantis Palace 2 Times (skip 20)


1 Atlantean Monkey, 150 xp, 3000 coins


Atlantis Chapter 3 Quest 2: FarmVille Digging Up Discovery


Ask friends for 8 Treasure Shovels (request for )

Harvest 150 Urchinberry (skip 10)
Info: 12 hours to grow and harvest.

Harvest Atlantean Monkey 2 Times (skip 20)
Tip: Place and harvest the Sea Monkey at the Marine Observatory.


1 Salvager Gnome, 200 xp, 3500 coins


Atlantis Chapter 3 Quest 3: FarmVille Seeking Royalty


Ask friends for 9 Purple Fishcakes (request for )

Harvest 200 Jellyfruit (skip 10)
Info: 20 hours to grow and harvest.

Make Sea Melon Sorbet 2 Times (skip 20)
Info: Crafted in the Coral cafe and need the following Seawatermelon Bushel x3, Urchinberry Bushel x3 and Sugar Cane Bushel x3


1 Royal Walrus, 250 xp, 4000 coins


Atlantis Chapter 3 Quest 4: FarmVille Searching for Secrets


Ask friends for 9 Sonar Sticks (request for )

Harvest 225 Coral (skip 10)
Info: 16 hours to grow and harvest.

Master Atlantean Monkey to 1-Star (skip 20)
Info: Must be harvested 5 times to achieve level 1 Star Mastery.


1 Dolphin Trove, 300 xp, 4500 coins


Atlantis Chapter 3 Quest 5: FarmVille Seaweed Surprises


Ask friends for 11 Seaweed Powders (request for )

Harvest 250 Sea Cucumber (skip 10)
Info: 16 hours to grow and harvest.

Make Coral Cake 2 Times (skip 15)
Info: Coral Cakes are crafted in a level 2 Corl Cafe and needs Coral Bushel x3, Jellyfruit Bushel x3 and Blackberry Bushel x4.


1 Seaweed Tree, 350 xp, 5000 coins


Atlantis Chapter 3 Quest 6: FarmVille Atlantean Splendors


Ask friends for 12 Sea Oats (request for )

Harvest 275 Lava Lotus (skip 10)
Info: 16 hours to grow and harvest.

Make Plankton Smoothie 2 Times (skip 20)
Info: Plankton Smoothies are crafted in the Coral cafe and needs Plankton Bushel x3, Seaweed Bushel x3 and Strawberry Bushel x4.


1 Poseidon Unicorn, 400 xp, 5500 coins

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