FarmVille Atlantis Buildings and Vehicles


With the up coming release of the FarmVille Atlantis farm this Monday, we gather some of the images of the buildings, pens, vehicles that we may expect to see when we finally travel to the farm under sea. Cue the Ariel song and prepare the dingle hopper and get ready to find Nemo as we are getting close to the release date of Atlantis.

If you’re planning to build the pens for the Atlantis you might wonder what items or parts will it need to finished it. So we put out the list of pens and the parts it will need. You may notice that it is the same parts as the normal pens has. These parts can be easily obtain by opening Special Delivery Box. If you’ve been saving these boxes this maybe the right time to open some. The Atlantis Garden and Atlantis Palace will be like the epitome building of Atlantis as players will be upgrading it to full extravagant.


Atlantis Animal Pens:


Atlantis Pasture


Atlantis Livestock Pen



Atlantis Wildlife Habitat



Atlantis Pet Run


Atlantis Zoo



Atlantis Aviary


Atlantis Horse Paddock




Storage Cellar

Gnome Garden


Egyptian Sanctuary






Atlantis Combine

Atlantis Harvester

Atlantis Seeder

Atlantis Tractor






Atlantis Garden:


Atlantis Palace:

FarmVille Atlantis Palace

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