Australian Vineyard in FarmVille Australia

This building will be one of the two buildable building that players will be upgrading in FarmVille Australia farm extension. The Australian Vineyard will be the one that you will not ask for the parts instead you can craft the parts that will used for upgrades. The FarmVille Australian Vineyard will be upgraded by players up to maybe 10 stages. It can also be harvested for rewards such as bushels, building parts etc.




Australian Vineyard Stages:


Parts for Australian Vineyard:

Aussie Wine Barrel = Australian Pineapple Bushel x4, Shiraz Grape Bushel x3 and Rice Bushel x2


Fertile Soil = Manure Bag x4, Semillon Grape Bushel x4 and Pumpkin Bushel x2


Grape Food = Cherry Basket x4, Fava Beans Bushel x5 and Cranberry Bushel x2

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