FarmVille Australia’s Crop List Guide


A guide for the list of current FarmVille Australia Crop. We also included the harvest time and the number of harvest count to achieve star mastery for each crop. If you are planning to play the soon to be release Beat Australia quests, and as early as now we got some info that among the crops that will be included for crops mastery tasks will be are: Canola, Field Peas, Sweet Corn, Muntires, Semillion Grape, Shiraz Grape, Lillipilli, Kutjera Tomato, Fava Beans, Australian Sugar Cane, Yellow Myrtle Flower and Kangaroo Paws.

Note: this may still change but we will keep this up to date as soon as if changes happens. Tip: If you’re looking for a certain crop and to quickly search it by pressing “Ctrl-F” on your keyboard then type the name of the crop in the search box.

1. Yellow Field Peas


2. Pink Myrtle Flower


3. Purple Sugar Cane


4. Purple Lillipili


5. Late Harvest Shiraz Grape


6. Green Muntries


7. Purple Sweet Corn


8. Albino Pineapple


9. Red Australian Cotton


10. White Sorghum


11. Red Australian Wheat


12. Green Australian Barley


13. Purple Canola


14. Australian Red Pepper


15. Yellow Kangaroo Paws


16. Blue Lupin


17. Late Harvest Semillon Grape


18. Green Kutjera Tomato


19. Australian Barley


20. Australian Cotton


21. Australian Flag


22. Australian Pineapple


23. Australian Purple Pepper


24. Australian Sugarcane


25. Australian Wheat




27. Fava Beans


28.Field Peas


29. Finger Lime Plant


30. Kangaroo Paws


31. Kutjera Tomato


32. Lilli Pilli


33. Muntries


34.Red Sorghum


35. Roo X-ing Sign


36. Semillon Grape


37. Shiraz Grape


38.Sweet Corn


39.Wombat Berry


40.Yellow Lupin


41. Yellow Myrtle

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