FarmVille Beat Australia Quests


Take the challenge and receive an Australia Shipping License for FREE in FarmVille Beat Australia! Complete the 4 tasks to received cool prizes and Aussie Points. And if a player completed all 4 challenge, a Beat Australia Trophy will be rewarded plus one of the most coveted items in FarmVille the Shipping License for Australia.


Beat Australia Quests 1:


Complete Australian Vineyard to Level 7


Turbo Chargers


Beat Australia Quests 2:


Master these Australian Crops to Level 3

  • Master Canola


  • Master Field Peas


  • Master Sweet Corn


  • Master Muntires


  • Master Semillion Grape


  • Master Shiraz Grape


  • Master Lillipilli


  • Master Kutjera Tomato


  • Master Fava Beans


  • Master Australian Sugar Cane


  • Master Yellow Myrtle Flower


  • Master Kangaroo Paws


4000 Aussie Points


Beat Australia Quests 3:


Reach level 10 in Daydream Island


2000 Aussie Points


Beat Australia Quest 4:


Reach Level 5 in Australian Winery crafting cottage


InstaGrow Potion


Bonus Prized fro completing all the tasks:

Beat Australia Trophy

Australia Cross World Shipping License

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