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23 Jan 2019

FarmVille The Journey (Magic of Morocco CH 3)

Help our friend to find the potion that might give him extra ability in FarmVille The Journey, a Magic of Morocco Chapter 3 Quests. Travel with him as we talked to some locals to find clues on where to
21 Jan 2019

FarmVille Off to Vacation 2019 Quests

Our friend David is inviting us to come along with him in FarmVille Off to Vacation Quests. He said that we will be visiting various cool places to take new adventures. So we need to prepare our travel

15 Jan 2019

FarmVille A Friend in Need (Magic of Morocco CH 2)

We are going to meet a new friend Ali who is a famous tour guide in Morocco in FarmVille A Friend in Need, a Magic of Morocco Chapter 2 Quests. We will be strolling down some of the
15 Jan 2019

FarmVille Leaderboards January 23 to 30 2019

  Here are the details for the next #FarmVille Leaderboards Challenge that will run from January 23 to 30 2019. To participate, simply do the following tasks. There are 3 tasks that you can choose from or
15 Jan 2019

FarmVille The Royal Feast (A Winter Fable CH 8)

Help the king prepare a feast in FarmVille The Royal Feast, a Winter Fable Chapter 8 Quests. This will be one of the special 30 day quests which will be done exclusively at the A Winter Fable farm.
12 Jan 2019

FarmVille Busker Carnival 2019 Quests

Help our friend Cornish Maudlin prepare for the greatest show on earth in FarmVille Busker Carnival 2019 Quests. He is excited to tells us that the preparation for the circus is going well but he still some extra hands.
12 Jan 2019

FarmVille The Explorer (Magic of Morocco CH 1)

Help our new friend Adele in finding rare items in FarmVille The Explorer, a Magic of Morocco Chapter 1 Quests. The Magic of Morocco is a new farm expansion and will be open for early access this Monday.