Baby Animal Play Pen Guide


It’s finally here! FarmVille has just recently released the Baby Animal Play Pen. Farmers can now build the new home for their baby animals. They can now keep them on track and in one place for mastery and collecting coins plus a chance to share a baby animals. The building itself will require three materials parts. It can also be upgraded to increase it holding capacity.


How to build the Baby Animal Play Pen:


When you entered the game a pop up will appear to notify you about the new building. You will then be ask to place the unfinished Baby Animal Play Pen. In case you missed or didn’t receive the notice just check your gift box or you can purchase one at the Market for “0 coins”.

baby play pen

Find a good spot to place the Baby Animal Play Pen in your farm, you will see a green outline on the building if it’s a free space.


baby play pen 2

Once placed, a pop up will appear which will inform you on the materials needed to finished it. You can ask your friends for materials or you can buy the materials for cash. Anyway you’ll bee needing this three materials to finish building it.


Requests for Blanket, Salt Lick and Brush

Click on the Baby Animal Play Pen Building will give you the following options:

  • Look Inside – check the status of your baby animals and check the progress of the building
  • Ask for Parts – ask your friends for materials
  • Complete Now – buy all the materials by using Farm Ville cash to finish the current built.
  • Move – rearrange or relocate the building.
  • Sell – exchange the building for coins.

Baby Playpen Info

Goodluck! on your FarmVille Baby Animal Play Pen building.

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