Extinct Animal Zoo Guide


As if the Dino Building can’t hold anymore the influx of prehistoric animals flooding our farm, FarmVille will be releasing a new prehistoric pen the Extinct Animal Zoo that will hold the new class of extinct animals. The Extinct Animal Zoo will not serve as storage but Farm Ville farmers can also create and unlock new animals using the fossils or materials that the pen produce.

There will be 5 different fossils that the FarmVille Extinct Animal Zoo can produce. Now depending on which animal the Extinct Animal Zoo currently hold on which fossils it may produce. Players must collect and complete first the parts or materials the building requires in order to build it.

Materials that will be need to complete the Extinct Animal Zoo:

Meteorite x 10, Food Chain x1 and Broken Thermometer x10


Building Stages of the Extinct Animal Zoo:


Fossils that Extinct Animal Zoo may give after harvesting it:

Gray Fossil, Amber Fossil, Black Fossil, Red Fossil and Wood Fossil


List of Animals that can be created in Extinct Animal Zoo and the fossil that it gives:

Bear Cave needs Gray Fossil x9 gives: Gray Fossil

Wooly Rhino needs Gray Fossil x10 gives: Amber Fossil


Punk Horned Gopher needs Gray Fossil x10, Amber Fossil x4 gives: Gray Fossil


Giant Pink Wombat needs Gray Fossil x11, Amber Fossil x6 gives: Black Fossil


Party Tarpan Foal needs Gray Fossil x12, Amber x6, Black Fossil x4 gives: Amber Fossil


Scuba Saudi Gazelle needs 12 Gray Fossil, Amber x8, Black Fossil x 6 gives: Black Fossil


Crystal Pyrenean Ibex needs Gray Fossil x13, Amber x10, Black Fossil x8 gives: Red Fossil


Spectacled Cormorant needs Gray Fossil x14, Amber x11, Black Fossil x10, Red Fossil x5 gives: Wood Fossil


Rainbow Terror Bird needs Gray Fossil x15, Amber x12, Black Fossil x10, Red Fossil x8, Wood Fossil x5 gives: Gray Fossil


Giant Purple Armadillo needs Gray Fossil x16, Amber x13, Black Fossil x12, Red Fossil x10, Wood Fossil x10 gives: Red Fossil

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