FarmVille Dream Deer Woods Guide


FarmVille will soon be releasing this new building pen that can create new and rare deers. The FarmVille Dream Deer Woods will be like the previous animal laboratories where players will be tending the building to obtain parts. These parts can then be used to create deer. For this version, harvesting the Dream Dear Woods will give Wildflowers. There will be a total of 5 different colors of Wild flower. The rarer color can only be obtain from rare deer. Also it may also give random adorable baby fawn when harvested.




Types of Wildflowers and from which Deer it can be obtained:

Pink Wildflower – can be obtained from Shell Deer, Princess Deer

Blue Wildflower – can be obtained from Cloud Deer, Nature Deer

Yellow Wildflower – can be obtained from Snowflake Deer, Dusk Deer, Fire Deer

Purple Wildflower – Aurora Deer, Rain Deer, Sunrise Deer

Orange Wildflower – Firefly Deer, Queen Deer, King Deer


Tip: Building multiple pens or Dream Deer Woods pen will make collecting Wildflowers less hard. If possible build a pen for each color of Wildflowers and placed solo the deer that produces that color so that you can specifically harvest that particular color you need.


List of Deers that can be made in the Dream Deer Wood:

Shell Deer

  • Shell Deer = Pink Wildflower x6
  • Gives Pink Wildflowers


Cloud Deer

  • Cloud Deer = Pink Wildflower x6
  • Gives Blue Wildflowers


Princess Deer

  • Princess Deer = Pink Wildflower x8, Blue Wildflower x3
  • Gives Pink Wildflowers


Snowflake Deer

  • Snowflake Deer = Pink Wildflower x10, Blue Wildflower x5
  • Gives Yellow Wildflowers


Nature Deer

  • Nature Deer = Pink Wildflower x11, Blue Wildflower x8, Yellow Wildflower x3
  • Gives Blue Wildflowers


Fire Deer

  • Fire Deer = Pink Wildflower x12, Blue Wildflower x9, Yellow Wildflower x4
  • Gives Yellow Wildflowers


Aurora Deer

  • Aurora Deer = Pink Wildflower x13, Blue Wildflower x10, Yellow Wildflower x8
  • Gives Purple Wildflowers


Dusk Deer

  • Dusk Deer = Pink Wildflower x14, Blue Wildflower x11, Yellow Wildflower x9, Purple Wildflower x3
  • Gives Yellow Wildflowers


Rain Deer

  • Rain Deer = Pink Wildflower x15, Blue Wildflower x12, Yellow Wildflower x10, Purple Wildflower x5
  • Gives Purple Wildflowers


Firefly Deer

  • Firefly Deer = Pink Wildflower x15, Blue Wildflower x12, Yellow Wildflower x10, Purple Wildflower x8
  • Gives Orange Wildflowers


Sunrise Deer

  • Sunrise Deer = Pink Wildflower x20, Blue Wildflower x18, Yellow Wildflower x16, Purple Wildflower x10, Orange Wildflower x5
  • Gives Purple Wildflowers


Queen Deer

  • Queen Deer = Pink Wildflower x25, Blue Wildflower x20, Yellow Wildflower x19, Purple Wildflower x16, Orange Wildflower x10
  • Gives Orange Wildflowers


King Deer

  • King Deer = Pink Wildflower x30, Blue Wildflower x25, Yellow Wildflower x22, Purple Wildflower x18, Orange Wildflower x15
  • Gives Orange Wildflowers

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