Gnome Garden Guide


Now you can placed your Gnome collections in one place and keep track of them as FarmVille introduced the new building storage the Gnome Garden. The new building storage if completed will initially hold 10 Gnomes regardless of  size and can be upgraded up to 6 times maxed which can hold  500 Gnomes! Each upgrade will also improve it’s visual appearance.


Steps on building the Gnome Garden:

When you entered the game a pop up message will inform you about the new building. You will then have a chance to place it

immediately in your farm. If you missed the message you may find it in your Gift Box just use search to easily find it. Or you can buy one at the Market.


When placing the Gnome Garden you will notice a green outline around the unfinished Gnome Garden if the space is free.


After placing, you can click on it and you will have the following options:

  • Look Inside – View your progress
  • Ask for Parts – Ask your friends for Materials to build/expand your Gnome Garden
  • Complete Now – Pay Farm Cash to complete one stage of your Gnome Garden.
  • Move – Rearrange your Gnome Garden on your farm
  • Sell – Sell your Gnome Garden


Click “Look Inside” and you will see the materials needed to complete the current build. You may then choose if you want to ask your friends for the materials needed or just use FarmVille cash to buy it. You can also send materials to your friends or click on your friends feeds to received the same material sent. You’ll need the following materials for the initial build:



Tiny Windows, Toadstool, and Garden Fence.


Pink Pots, Twigs and Daffodils.


Once completed, you can now place and see your Gnome collection.


How to Place the Gnome?

Just pick up the Gnome and hover it to the Gnome Garden, if the blue outline on the Gnome garden turned to orange then click on it.





Gnome Garden Building Stage:

Stage 1:

  Capacity: 10   Requires: 12 Toadstool, 12 Tiny Window, 12 Garden Fence


Stage 2:

 Capacity: 25   Requires: 14 Toadstool, 14 Tiny Window, 14 Garden Fence


Stage 3:

Capacity: 50   Requires: 16 Toadstool, 16 Tiny Window, 16 Garden Fence


Stage 4:

Capacity: 75   Requires: 18 Toadstool, 18 Tiny Window, 18 Garden Fence


Stage 5:

Capacity: 100   Requires: 22 Toadstool, 22 Tiny Window, 22 Garden Fence


Stage 6:

Capacity: 500   Requires: 24 Toadstool, 24 Tiny Window, 24 Garden Fence

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