Horse Hall Guide in FarmVille


Create new horses with the release of FarmVille Horse Hall. This will be the next breeding lab in FarmVille as players will have to collect horseshoes to create and unlock new horses. Same idea with other lab, the Horse Hall when completed will start with an initial horse that may be harvested for Silver Horseshoes. Then as you harvest and collect horseshoes you will be then save enough parts to create and unlock the next horse. Here are on this guide you will find which horse will be producing the color of horseshoes that you will be needing and what color of horseshoes required to create new horses.




List of horses and requirements in the FarmVille Horse Hall:

Space Horse

  • Requirements: Silver Horseshoes x5
  • Harvest for Silver Horseshoes
  • Unlocks: Plains Pony


Plains Pony

  • Requirements: Silver Horseshoes x10
  • Harvest for Black Horseshoes
  • Unlocks: Forest Horse


Forest Horse

  • Requirements: Silver Horseshoes x10 and Black Horseshoes x3
  • Harvest for Silver Horseshoes
  • Unlocks: Desert Horse


Desert Horse

  • Requirements: Silver Horseshoes x10 and Black Black Horseshoes x5
  • Harvest for Red Horseshoes
  • Unlocks: Grasslands Pony


Grasslands Pony

  • Requirements: Silver Horseshoes x12, Black Horseshoes x9 and Red Horseshoes x4
  • Harvest for Red Horseshoes
  • Unlocks: Savannah Pony


Savannah Pony

  • Requirements: Silver Horseshoes x13, Black Horseshoes x10 and Red Horseshoes x8
  • Harvest for Blue Horseshoes
  • Unlocks: River Horse


River Horse

  • Requirements: Silver Horseshoes x14, Black Horseshoes x11, Red Horseshoes x10 and Blue Horseshoes x5
  • Harvest for Gold Horseshoes
  • Unlocks: Sea Stallion


Sea Stallion

  • Requirements: Silver Horseshoes x15, Black Horseshoes x12, Red Horseshoes x10, Blue Horseshoes x10 and Gold Horseshoes x5
  • Harvest for Silver Horseshoes
  • Unlocks: Snowflake Pony


Snowflake Pony

  • Requirements: Silver Horseshoes x20, Black Horseshoes x18, Red Horseshoes x16, Blue Horseshoes x15 and Gold Horseshoes x10
  • Harvest for Blue Horseshoes


You can get the respective color of horseshoes from these horses:


Black Horseshoes:

  • Plains Pony, Blue Moon Stallion, Jungle Stallion


Red Horseshoes:

  • Desert Horse, Grasslands Pony


Blue Horseshoes:

  • Savannah Horse, Snow Pony


Gold Horseshoes:

  • River Horse

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