Mystery Baby Nursery Guide


FarmVille has just recently introduced this new Baby Animal Pen (storage) the Baby Nursery. We can now placed those mystery babies that’s been in either in our Gift Box or scattered in our farm. We can now keep track of them and harvest it for Animal Feed.

If just in case you missed the popup message you can check your Gift Box for the Baby Nursery Pen or visit the Market.


Just place the Mystery Baby Nursery in a free space in your farm and once place click on it and you will have the following options:

  • Look Inside: Check the status
  • Ask for Parts: Ask friends directly for parts
  • Complete Now: finish the current build by spending FV cash
  • Move: relocate the building
  • Sell: exchange the building for coins


To finish the initial build it will need the following materials:

Baby Blanket x15, Pacifier x15 and Baby Mobile x15


Initially the Baby Nursery can hold up to 20 Babies and at maxed upgrade (level 3) it can hold up to 40. We can only build 1 of this building on each of our farm (Home, English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove, Winter Wonderland Hawaiian Paradise and Jade Falls). Building another one on the same farm will cost FV cash.


List of FarmVille Mystery Babies:


Zoo Baby Common                Zoo Baby Rare


Livestock Baby Common     Livestock Baby Rare


Pet Run Baby Common         Pet Run Baby Rare


Wildlife Baby Common           Wildlife Baby Rare


Arctic Baby Common                 Arctic Baby Rare


Island Water Baby Common    Island Water Baby Rare


Jade Water Baby Common        Jade Water Baby Rare


Water Baby Common                   Water Baby Rare


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