Mystery Seedling Nursery


FarmVille has released a new building that will hold those mystery seedlings the Mystery Seedling Nursery. Players can now keep track and make the mystery seedling organize in one place plus it can be harvested for Water. Players can also monitor how many water a seedling will need to grow it into a tree.


Upon entering in the game a pop up message will inform about the new feature. Players will now have a chance to place the Mystery Seedling Nursery in a suitable spot in the farm. In case you missed it you can always check the Market to buy one. After placing Click on it and it will have the following options:

  • Look Inside: see the status of the current build
  • Ask for Parts: send request for parts directly to your friends
  • Complete Now: spend FV Cash to finsih the current build
  • Move: arrange or relocate the Mystery Seedling Nursery
  • Sell: exchange the building for coins


For the initial build it will need the following materials:

Fertilizer Stake x15, Seedling Tray x15 and Mulch x15


There is three building stages for the Mystery Seedling Nursery and it can be upgraded 3 times. The more upgrade it will have the more Mystery seedlings it can hold. At first it will hold 20 then 30 and finally 40 seelings.

The Mystery Seedling Nursery can also be harvested for Water once a day.

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