Pegasus Pen in FarmVille Building


The FarmVille Pegasus Pen has just been release and players can now build this pen for their animals. The pen will hold and breed your Pegasus. This is not similar to the Unicorn Island where you can create a set of new Unicorn. The Pegasus Pen can only house and store your animals. It will not create new animal or give assorted color parts. But you can harvest it and by chance you might get mystery foal. The more number of Pegasus it holds the better chance of getting mystery foal.





Building Parts for Pegasus Pen:

Golden Wand, Moon Ray, Phoenix Feather


List of Pegasus that maybe found by harvesting the Pegasus Pen:

Nightmare Mini Pegasus

Athena Pegasus

Dark Cherrasus

Carnival Pegasus

Coral Pegasus

  Fire Pegasus

Ghost Pegasus

Purple Icicle Pegasus

Lava Pegasus

Maple Pegasus

Paisley Pegasus

Red Carnation Pegasus

Shamrock Pegasus

Snowflake Pegasus

Starry Pegasus

Sun Pegasus

V-Hoody Pegasus

White Pegasus

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