Swimming Pond


Finally! You can now raise Water Animals on your Land Farm as FarmVille has just recently releases the new building storage the Swimming Pond. Yup, the new Swimming Hole can be built in any of your farms eg. Lighthouse Cove, English Country Side, Home Farm and even in Winter Wonderland? Harvesting water animals can now be more easy with this new Animal Building storage.

If you still don’t have started building one yet? Just go to the Market and use search and type for” Swimming Pond” to find it easily.

Then place the unfinished Swimming Pond in your desired free spot:


Click on it and you will have the following options:

  • Look Inside: Check the status of your Swimming Pond.
  • Send Parts: Help your friends by sending building  parts.
  • Apply Instant Grow: Instantly making the Swimming Pond “ready” for harvest.
  • Move: relocate or rearrange the structure.
  • Sell: Exchange for Coins


After placing, a message window will inform you on what parts you will need to finish building it:

It will need Skimmer x15, Leaf Net x15 and Water Bucket x15 to finish.


Here are some of the Water Animals you can place in the Swimming Pond:

Aloha Dolphin, Bedazzled Dolphin, Bottle Nosed Dolphin, Bride Dolphin, Groom Dolphin and Finless Porpoise.

Blob Fish, Blue Marlin, Blue Tang, Clown Fish, Clown Trigger Fish and Cryptoclydus.

Cuttle Fish, Dugong, Purple Dugong, Eagle Ray, Elephant Seal and Emperor Angle Fish.

Eurasian Otter, Finless Porpoise, Flying Fish, Hammer Head Shark, Hawaiian Shirt Sea Horse and Jelly Fish.

Koi Fish, Lava Fish, Leafy Sea Dragon, Leopard Shark, Light Totem Mask Turtle and Lion Fish.

Mahi Mahi, Manatee, Manta Ray, Mini Orca, Monster Octopus and Moorish Idol.

Moray Eel, Narwhal, Nautilus, Oar Fish, Pink Dolphin and Pink Whale.

Piraiba Catfish. Piranha, Puffer Fish, Rainbow Fish, Red Arowana and Red Snapper.

River Dolphin, River Dragon, Sea Horse, Sea Hrse Princess, Horse Sea Horse and Sea Otter.

Tail Skipping Dolphin, Tucuxi Dolphin, Water Dragon, Whale Shark, White Tip Shark and Zebra Shark.

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