Turtle Pen Guide


A new animal pen has just been released by FarmVille and this time it will be for Turtles. Yup, it’s a Turtle Pen and now we can raise and breed them make custom breed line of turtles just like the Sheep Pen and Pig Pen.


Upon entering the game a popup message will appear and you will then have the option of placing the new Turtle Pen. In case you missed it you will find it in your Gift Box or buy one from the Market.


Place the Turtle Pen in your farm and then clicking on it will give you the following options:

  • Look Inside:  Check the status or progress of the Turtle Pen
  • Ask for Parts: Send a direct request to your friends for parts
  • Complete Now:  Spend the corresponding value of FV cash to finish it instantly.
  • Move: Relocate the Pen.
  • Sell: Exchange the Turtle Pen for coins.


To finish, you need Java Fern, Drift Wood and Potting Soil to build your Turtle Pen.




Some of the breed that the Turtle Pen may produced:

Spotted Turtle (Red)

Music Turtle (Red)

Daisy Turtle (Red)

Star Turtle (Red)

Lightning Turtle (Red)

Color Variation:


Orange Tangerine                    Gold Yellow


Navy Fuschia                             Olive Emerald

Maroon Red

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