Caveman Club Archive

9 Aug 2016

FarmVille For The Flora (Caveman Club CH 9)

Help Tina with her plant research in FarmVille For The Flora, a Caveman Club Chapter 9 Quests. She has been doing some research with the variety of plants that grows in the region. She need our help
4 Aug 2016

FarmVille Generous Gifter (Caveman Club CH 8)

Tina is planning to visit her cousins and she wants us to tag along in FarmVille Generous Gifter, a Caveman Club Chapter 8 Quests. She haven’t seen them since forever and Tina wants us to come along. She also

26 Jul 2016

FarmVille Stone Age Studio (Caveman Club CH7)

Tina is planning to learn how to do sculpture and she will need our help in FarmVille Stone Age Studio, a Caveman Club Chapter 7 Quests. She wants to expand her horizon in art by learning additional skills like sculpting.
19 Jul 2016

FarmVille Prehistoric Chic (Caveman Club CH 6)

Let’s help Daisy who wants to go camping in FarmVille Prehistoric Chic, a Caveman Club Chapter 6 Quests. We are going to help her gather the things she will need in order to go camping. We will
12 Jul 2016

FarmVille Tricks And Trade (Caveman Club CH 5)

We will exploring around the island with our friend Tina in FarmVille Tricks And Trade, a Caveman Club Chapter 5 Quests. Tina will be joining us to show how active the community is and what activities they are
6 Jul 2016

FarmVille Cavemans Best Friend (Caveman Club CH 4)

We are going to meet a new friend named Stan in FarmVille Caveman’s Best Friend, a Caveman Club Chapter 4 Quests. Our new friend Stan will ask us if could join him in meeting new animals in
28 Jun 2016

FarmVille Cave Art Studio (Caveman Club CH 3)

Our friend Tina is joining us for this weeks FarmVille Cave Art Studio, a Caveman Club Chapter 3 Quests. Tina loves art so much that she is planning to setup her very own studio. She is asking if we