Crafting Building Archive

2 Nov 2014

FarmVille Toy Shoppe Guide

Magical Toy Town is a new farm expansion in #FarmVille and one of it’s main crafting building will be the FarmVille Toy Shoppe. As most players that are familiar with this type of crafting building, it will
14 Sep 2014

FarmVille Blackjack Barn Guide

In the new farm Horseman’s Hollow, it will have a new crafting building called the FarmVille Blackjack Barn. This will be the building where we need to craft items to unlock exclusive items. Three things to describe

13 Sep 2014

FarmVille Witcher Hut Recipes

FarmVille’s Horseman’s Hollow will have it’s own crafting building called the Witcher Hut and it will be used solely for the Horseman’s Hollow bushels. Surprisingly at stage 1 it will have a total of 7 recipes. The
20 Jul 2014

FarmVille Magic Garden Recipe Lists

FairyTales Gardens is the new farm! and along with it is the new crating building called FarmVille Magic Garden. It will be the special crafting building where we will be making items in order to unlock new
20 Jul 2014

FarmVille Fairy Forum Recipe Lists

With the release of a new farm FairyTale Fields comes a new crafting building called FarmVille Fairy Forum. This will be it’s main crafting building where new set of recipes exclusive to the farm will be made.
4 Jun 2014

FarmVille Arabian Stallions Guide and Recipe Lists

The FarmVille Arabian Stallions is one of the building that can be found at the Oasis Garden. Its purpose is like the previous special crafting building. Through it players can have a rare farm animals just by
2 Jun 2014

FarmVille Cairo Boutique Guide and Recipe Lists

FarmVille Oasis Garden will have a new crafting building called the FarmVille Cairo Boutique. It will hold new set of recipe for players to master. Initially it will have a total of 20 recipes in 5 different