Ecapade Feature Archive

7 Nov 2013

FarmVille Autumn Orchard! Escapade

Get a chance to win fabulous items in FarmVille Autumn Orchard Escapade. Just collect the necessary items in order to complete the Autumn Orchard. Each day there will be a new item that will be collected and
14 Oct 2013

Bride of Duckula Returns in FarmVille Escapade

FarmVille will be having a Halloween 2013 theme escapade featuring Bride of Duckula Returns. The FarmVille Escapade is one of the many feature in  game where it give a chance for players to win fantastic prizes. On this

17 Aug 2013

Hobby Time Escapade in FarmVille Feature

Soon the FarmVille Hobby Time Escapade feature will be release this September and we have the early preview of what will be the tasks and prizes for this version. Just like the previous escapade feature players will
11 Jun 2013

Graduation Escapade 2013 in FarmVillle Feature

A new set of FarmVille Feature is coming with the release of Graduation Escapade 2013. This is more likely like the previous ones but with different theme and rewards. Players will be doing tasks and if you
21 May 2013

Scrapbooking Spectacular in FarmVille Escapade Feature

FarmVille is releasing the next escapade feature with new prizes to be given away. The Scrapbooking Spectacular will be the next theme of the escapade feature. Players will be gathering supplies in order to rebuild the FarmVille
8 Apr 2013

April Shower Escapade in FarmVille Feature

Collect the items or invite enough friends to visit the April Showers Adventure with you and receive a great prize! It’s a brand new Escapade feature for the month of April. Players can win up to 12
19 Mar 2013

Spring Egg Meadow Escapade 2013

A brand new Escapade feature is coming our way this week with FarmVille Spring Egg Meadow. Everyday there will different requirements to complete like gathering materials and asking your friends for help. And when the daily requirements or