Farmville Quest Guide Archive

12 Sep 2018

FarmVille Decathlon 2018 Quests

Our friend Juicy Joe is joining this years edition of FarmVille Decathlon 2018 Quests. Help him prepare with his training by giving him his nutritional needs in order to have a great training. He will also need
5 Sep 2018

FarmVille Cook Off Day! Quests 2018

Our friend Roland the Cook is visiting us once again in FarmVille Cook Off Day! Quests. You might remember him from the Lighthouse Cove farm and he is inviting us to come along with him as he

29 Aug 2018

FarmVille Labor Day Quests 2018

Our friend is visiting us this Thursday in FarmVille Labor Day Quests. She is excited with this upcoming holiday event because she cooked up a plan on how to celebrate this event. We will help her prepare
15 Aug 2018

FarmVille Bubble Bath Day Quests

Have fun with our friend in FarmVille Bubble Bath Day Quests. He just find a way to relax and take a break from a busy week. We said this is one of the perfect way to  relieve
14 Aug 2018

FarmVille Tomatina Festival Quests 2018

We are going to celebrate with our friend Sasha the FarmVille Tomatina Festival. She has been preparing for this event for quite some time now. That is why she is very excited with it. We are going
9 Aug 2018

FarmVille Hooray for Picnic Day 2018 Quests

Our friends is preparing for a special event in FarmVille Hooray for Picnic Day 2018 Quests. She has this great idea of what food we will bring and the best place to have our picnic. But first,
1 Aug 2018

FarmVille Friends Forever Quests

Elizabeth and her friends is celebrating their 7th year of friendship in FarmVille Friends Forever Quests. She is excited with this event that is why she’s preparing a surprise party.  We will help our friends Elizabeth in