Haunted Hollow Quests Archive

20 Oct 2012

FarmVille Haunted Hollow 6: Help Belinda cure Erik Werewolf

Halloween is getting closer and we are now on Haunted Hollow Chapter 6 Quest with FarmVille help Belinda cure Erik the Werewolf. Lillian has a boyfriend named Erik who happens to be a Werewolf and she’s having
20 Oct 2012

FarmVille Quest: Beat Haunted Hollow

Earn one of the most desired item in FarmVille a Haunted Hollow Shipping License in FarmVille Beat Haunted Hollow Quests. Players can also win special prizes like Turbo Chargers, Instagrow, Mystery Dart and Spook Points. Plus the

13 Oct 2012

FarmVille Haunted Hollow 5: Help Rose Grow the Plant Monster

Let’s help Rose make more monster magic in FarmVille help Rose grow the plant monster nursery, a FarmVille Haunted Hollow Chapter 5 Quests. Her plant monster nursery is gaining fans and she feels it’s time to really
6 Oct 2012

FarmVille Haunted Hollow 4: Put on a Haunted Show w/ Lilian

This week on Haunted Hollow Quest, FarmVille put on a haunted show with Lilian will be the 4th Chapter and will have the usual 6 part mission as we will help Lilian who will host a magic
29 Sep 2012

FarmVille Haunted Hollow 3: Brew Up Potions with Belinda

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Chapter 3 is up this Monday on FarmVille brew up potions with Belinda. We will work with Belinda on this chapter of Haunted Hollow as she is planning to build a Potion Shop to
22 Sep 2012

FarmVille Haunted Hollow 2: Preparing the Haunted Nursery

Welcome to Haunted Hollow in FarmVille preparing the haunted nursery, the FarmVille’s Haunted Hollow Chapter 2 Quests. Players will now travel to their new FarmVille farm extension which has a unique theme featuring haunted mansions, monster lab,
15 Sep 2012

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Quest 1: Prepping for Halloween

Welcome to Haunted Hollow in FarmVille Prepping for Halloween, the new FarmVille farm extension that maybe opening for an early access this Monday. Yup the FarmVille Haunted Hollow will open it’s gate for players who is willing