Jade Falls Archive

29 May 2013

FarmVille Jade Falls Ch 18: Help Sakura Relive Her Journey

A brand new Jade Falls May 2013 Quest will be next in FarmVille Help Sakura relive her journey and commend her firework craft, a FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 18 Quests. Sakura will be making new spells and
3 Nov 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 17 Quest: Make Silk with May

Looks like we will return to Jade Falls with another round of a quest in FarmVille make silk with May. It is a brand new Jade Falls mission and looks like this one will be tough. We

15 Sep 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls 16: Join the Moon Festival with May

The last chapter of Jade Falls in FarmVille Join the Moon Festival with May. The FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 16 will be or maybe the last quest for now as we move on to the new farm
13 Sep 2012

FarmVille Beat Jade Falls

Test your might to become the Jade Falls Master on this special mission the FarmVille Beat Jade Falls Quests and upon completion of all the tasks a Beat Jade Falls Trophy are on hand as a reward
8 Sep 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls 15 Quests: Explore Art in Jade Falls

Let’s join Kaiwen in FarmVille explore art in Jade Falls Chapter 15 Quests. We will learn the different artistic traditions of Jade Falls in this six part goal. Kaiwen will show us the the history and tell
31 Aug 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls 14 Quests: Lantern Festival

The night will be lit up with lanterns of many colorsĀ in FarmVille Lantern Festival of Jade Fall Chapter 14 Quests. Kaiwen will be joining us on this chapter as she will show us how the festival is
25 Aug 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls 13: Help Zhu Prepare a Seaside Concert

A new chapter in Jade Falls Quest is about to unfold this Monday in FarmVille help Zhu prepare a seaside concert. This will be the 13th Chapter of the FamVille Jade Falls and we will help Zhu