Namaste India Archive

22 Apr 2016

FarmVille Groove School (Namaste India CH 10)

Travel back to Namaste India for an important special mission in FarmVille Groove School, a Namaste India Chapter 10 Quests. Leela is starting a dance workshop for some orphan kids and she will need help in gathering
10 Mar 2016

FarmVille Last Dance (Namaste India CH 9)

The dance competition was a major success! in FarmVille Last Dance, a Namaste India Chapter 9 Quests. It concluded successfully as all the participants performed well. The king was very happy and commended the phenomenal works the

2 Mar 2016

FarmVille Stage Blazing (Namaste India CH 8)

It looks like someone has just been hitched in FarmVille Stage Blazing, a Namaste India Chapter 8 Quests. Leela is excited to break the news to us that Lucky has just proposed to her. This means it
26 Feb 2016

FarmVille Last Curtain (Namaste India CH 7)

Good news! we have just moved past the elimination round of the dancing competition in FarmVille Last Curtain, a Namaste India Chapter 7 Quests. Asha is excited as she broke out the news to us that we
17 Feb 2016

FarmVille In the Groove (Namaste India CH 6)

It seems we are doing great at the dancing competition as we advances into the second round in FarmVille In the Groove, a Namaste India Chapter 6 Quests. Asha is quite impress with our achievement and she
10 Feb 2016

FarmVille Bust a Move (Namaste India CH 5)

The dance competition is about to start and we are joining in FarmVille Bust a Move, a Namaste India Chapter 5 Quests. Asha has just given us some pointer on how to win in this contest. She also gave
3 Feb 2016

FarmVille You Think You Can Dance (Namaste India CH 4)

We will participate in the King’s annual dance competition in FarmVille You Think You Can Dance, a Namaste India Chapter 4 Quests. We will be invited by our friends Asha to join this special competition where we will