New Features Archive

11 Mar 2017

FarmVille Fountain of Springs

Collect or craft Secret Treats to discover the awesome creatures around the FarmVille Fountain of Springs. This time, you’ll helpĀ David the Zoologist find all the exotic animals in the Fountain of Springs. prepare the bushels ahead because
18 Feb 2017

FarmVille Morph Machine

Craft and collect Solar Cell in FarmVille Morph Machine to unlock great rewards. Visit the Science Lab to check out your exclusive collection. Make Solar Cell using bushels that you can collect from harvesting the crops that

17 Jan 2017

FarmVille The Musical Dash

Collect exclusive animals in FarmVille’s newest feature the FarmVille Musical Dash. You can redeem these beautiful animals by collecting Pitch Pipe and then exchange for it. The more Pitch Pipe you’ve collected, the more rewards you can
3 Nov 2016

FarmVille Puppy Come Home

Help Peggy the pup find her way home in FarmVille Puppy Come Home feature this November. Peggy has lost her way and needs your help to get home. There will be 4 regions to explore where each
9 Oct 2016

FarmVille Freaky Circus

FarmVille Freaky Circus is a special side event that will abe added int he game on October 10th. Players will have the chance to win a new set of exclusive rewards that are specifically designed for this
28 Aug 2016

FarmVille Movie Star Collection

FarmVille Movie Star Collection is a new feature that will be added soon in the game. The goal this time is to collect Powder Puff to unlock Green Rooms. You can collect powder puff by asking your
9 Jul 2016

Tulip Garden Gazebo in FarmVille Harvestable Building

The FarmVille Tulip Garden Gazebo is the latest addition to our harvestableĀ building collections. Players can place this new building and upgrade it up to 6 times. The more upgrades it has has the better chance of getting