News and Updates Archive

16 May 2015

FarmVille Farmer’s Market New Building

FarmVille is will soon release a new building called the Farmer’s Market. It will be a new building just like the seed building we had previously where we will be building and upgrading it. Every we upgraded
8 May 2015

FarmVille Cake House!

FarmVille is introducing a new buildable building soon that can be harvested for decoration items. It will be called the FarmVille Cake House and just like the previous release, it can be built up to 7 stage.

14 Mar 2015

FarmVille Brooke Blossom Buidling

FarmVille is ready to release a new seed building the BROOKE BLOSSOM. It will be upgradable up to several stage and can be harvested with Cherry Blossom Bonsai seed packet. Also beside the seed packet, it can
8 Mar 2015

FarmVille Bob’s Berry Farm New Rewards!

FarmVille is giving the Bob’s Berry Farm feature a new run by adding new rewards for players to aim for. A new batch of exclusive rewards has just been made available giving players new reason to play
4 Feb 2015

Valentine Giveaway in FarmVille

FarmVille is celebrating Valentine’s Day this year by giving away exclusive gifts. There’s is no catch or tasks to do to win the rewards. all you have to do is to play or logged in on specific
22 Dec 2014

FarmVille Horse Stable or Horse Paddock?

FarmVille has just recently re release the Horse Stable and players can now add this building to their farm. Both Horse Stable complete and a frame is available at the Market. A complete Horse Stable will cost 50
18 Dec 2014

FarmVille Santa’s Workshop (Seed Building)

FarmVille is ready to release a new seed building in the game featuring the Santa’s Workshop. This new building when built will give players a chance to get an exclusive Candy Cane Blooms seed packets. Beside the