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23 Jun 2014

Fall Leaves Snowglobe in FarmVille Seed Building

It may appear that Fall Leaves Snowglobe will be finally be released this month in FarmVille. It will be an addition to our building that produces exclusive seeds like the Astral Observatory or the Giant Tree House.
10 Jun 2014

Birthday 2014 Theme Items Coming Soon

Here’s a preview of the upcoming FarmVille Birthday 2014 items which may come available on June 17. It is a large collection and will consists of a good number of new farm animals, trees and decorations. Since

23 May 2014

FarmVille FREE Unlimited Fuel Day 2014

FarmVille is having a special event for the first time and it will allow players to use their Tractors, Combines etc with out any Fuel for a whole day. It will be scheduled on May 26, Monday
14 Aug 2013

Fairy Flower in FarmVille Features

Coming soon in FarmVille the new Fairy Flower building. A buildable building which can transform an item into another one. It can also be upgraded into several stages. Each upgrade will give an item which then when
8 Aug 2013

Limited Time Special FarmVille Craftshop Recipe’s

New special for limted time period only recipe is now available in the FarmVille Craftshop. You can now start crafting these recipes by going to your farm’s Carftshop. To find these recipe easily you can either use
13 Jun 2013

A Look at FarmVille Celestial Pastures Buildings

If you didn’t avail the early access stage of FarmVille Celestial Pasture Farm, here are the buildings that you may expect to see once it open it’s door to FREE access. Among the major building are the
4 Apr 2013

FarmVille Horse Hall Coming Soon!

Soon to arrive a new FarmVille Horse Hall. It’s a new breeding building just like the previous releases the Unicorn Island, Dino Lab, Bonsai Garden etc. but this time it will create new horse. At first players