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8 Feb 2013

New Recipe’s for FarmVille Craftshop 2013

FarmVille Craftshop will soon be having a major changes on it’s list of recipe as they will introduce new set of recipes. These recipes mostly are parts that can be used in the farm. It can be
6 Nov 2012

FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Early Access Stage Walkthrough

FarmVille just recently opened for early access their new farm extension the Mistletoe Lane. And for just 35 FV cash players can access and experience the new farm before it will be officially open for free access

3 Nov 2012

FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Crops and Animals Preview

Here it is! preview of the up and coming crops and animals for the FarmVille Mistletoe Lane. As we learn that the Mistletoe Farm will be an extension of Haunted Hollow, the question of what is the
2 Nov 2012

FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Building’s Preview

As FarmVille Mistletoe Lane is fast approaching we gathered some of the images for the new buildings that it will offer. Among them are the newly designed Pens which will hold the new batch of animals. There
1 Nov 2012

FarmVille Mistletoe Lane (New Farm) Coming Soon!

A new farm extension SOON? maybe with FarmVille Mistletoe Lane. We gathered some of the early info and images on what seems to be another new farm extension coming this winter season just in time for the
18 Sep 2012

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Early Access

We just traveled and gain the early access pass to the new FarmVille farm extension the Haunted Hollow. There is a new leveling system that is called “SP” or Spook Points. And just like the “Zen” in
14 Sep 2012

FarmVille Haunted Hollow in Pictures

Let’s take a look in pictures the new unreleased farm extension of FarmVille the Haunted Hollow. Let’s examine the things that we may expect from it upon the official release of this new farm. So far we